Thursday, October 26, 2006

Psychopharmacology Update

Need a quick burst of moral superiority to overcome those after-lunch doldrums? The new pill form of Immaculexzor (Pfluger Pharmaceuticals' trade name for hydrabenzo-3,4-ditetroethylbutylate) may be for you. In short-term trials, 52% of subjects reported improved feelings of complacency. In double-blind laboratory trials (consisting of Judge Judy with the sound turned off) patients were 37% more confident of their ability to identify which disputant occupied the moral high ground. Compulsive hand washing was reduced by up to 75%. Excessive symptoms of injured innocence may be a sign of a serious short-term side effect. Immaculexzor has has been in use for less than a year, so the incidence of long-term side effects is zero. Remember, only your doctor can evaluate what level of righteous indignation is right for you.

Immaculexzor has been voluntarily withdrawn from the market after what a Pfluger spokesperson described as an "unprecedented number" of "very strange lawsuits."


Blogger CHIC-HANDSOME said...

life just good

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Blogger HA HA HA said...

u knoow i was jsutreadign abuot ortnat clomens thery of 'harmaloounddics' or in james blobd umlarms wrods

A harmolodic player is different, but there are rules to playing harmolodically. I learned the rules from Ornette Coleman, and the rules are separate from the Western concept of playing. Scales and chords are eliminated in terms of the Western concept of what you use them for, and you don't use chords and scales in linear situations. All of your rhythm works off a concept that is superimposed on the linear concept. Everything goes in a circle. Nothing is linear. That's the harmolodic concept musically.

the botom line is noboobsdy aside fomr them two guys as any real clear notoin of wtf any of it meaeans. ann thers welinformed observars who figure its all a put-on.

but anyhowe teh point is i thhnink u 'get' it to an have apalied it to humer.

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