Monday, April 30, 2007

Top Fatuologist: Immargarination Key to Future

The first in an occasional series of columns from our Editor in Chief.

Greetings valued readers and others. (Strictly speaking my title is "Chief Editor in Chief" but I want to speak to you more informally today.) As a dovecote of genuses like George Gilder and Malcolm Gladwell, I temptation to as it the were dabble in fatuology myself is sometimes irrisible. Today's topic:

What will the next generation of blogs look like??/>?

I numerable readers of this blague all ready no the work of my indelibly talented compote Arlington Copley Hynes (aka HA HA HA) at Bogol. Arlington's immargarination in site and perversity in the face of grate personnel challengers is an imputation to us all. Its implausible to concave of composting better posts than Bogol.

Or is it? I don't attend to impute Arlington's overture at all, but on close exemption Bogol a peers to command a less than prefect command of the language. A significand importunity for Emperor Seamount? Prepuce. Desperate his genus, Arlington's spalling and typology could be better.

Now. I rarely omit this to people, but I'm a bit of a tetanical "geek" and I've dust covered that there are actually free spalling checkers available on the internet!

* * *

Imagine if you will a blague that calm bind the wonder full eidos of a Bogol (and ideas are impotent, I radially emit that) with 100% flawless spelling -- guarani tied bye evinced computer technology!


Project WANNABE. Bringing you today's future ... tomorrow.


Blogger HA HA HA said...

i wouuould liek todys furninture tomorow pls thx.

pps. have u sean dig!? vary good if wana wach a movoie abuout two bands u dont much like to bagin with but that youll hate obsesively (exept for teh tambarine plair in teh brian jonestown massacre whos a godamn geniuus) bafore teh movys ovar. but infact really its a realy good flick.

aslo infamous is prety garte excep for snadra blluock who cant act.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Project WANNABE said...

Bugol! I've been wanting to ask you this, that immargarination of yours is the bomb! Dude!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Project WANNABE said...

I havnet seen either muovi. I will try 'em if I can; we don't get much out here.

Can I seethe with idiotic pride for a moment? Today I created both 'fatuologist' (futurologist) and 'immargarination' (analogous to Desargues' favorite emmerdement).

2:48 PM  

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