Saturday, August 26, 2006


"I'll be gone, you'll be gone." Key selling point for shaky deals in high finance. For example, advising clients to lend a billion dollars to a company that has never earned any money to pay interest, perhaps in a business in which no company has never earned any money.

(From The Accidental Investment Banker, by Jonathan Knee.)

I've spent some more time actually reading this book at the bookstore, and I like it.*

*Some Amazon users whine that they feel like it has been done before, q.v. I don't see it quite that way. And to my mind it's considerably less romanticized than say Liar's Poker which, ok, was probably funnier ... but I felt it was a worshipful sort of funny. Not remotely suggesting that maybe some of 'em didn't read the book at all, you understand, I just remember it a lil differently.

"'"Caveat."'" But it's true that Liar's Poker or better yet Bombardiers can be entertaining to people who don't have a whole lot of skin in the game. If you don't care about finance then you probably won't care about this story either.


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