Tuesday, November 28, 2006

User Feedback

Some readers may recall from earlier posts that we have bear problems in our backyard garbage structure. I'm cross-posting a free translation of some comments that we found crudely scraped into the plastic and stamped in the earth. Bottom line: that site isn't any more popular than this one.

Dear Humans,

Please cancel our free subscription to your Food Service Site, effective immediately.

To put it mildly, the service no longer meets our needs. Let me just mention a few particulars: (a) Fresh food items have not been posted to the site regularly. (b) Even when acceptable food items are obtainable, it's the same old stuff we can get at a half dozen other free sites. It's almost as if the various public site operators share a common source of new food items and at best package them a little differently before posting. (c) Access to your new "upgraded" server has been increasingly difficult in recent weeks. (d) I have grave health and safety concerns regarding your placement of useless and even inimical third-party ware (used kitty litter, fiberglass insulation, chicken wire) on your site.

If you have any concern for the well-being of your customers and the future of your business model, I suggest that you improve conditions on your server immediately.

Sincerely, Etc.

I responded as follows: "Your input is valuable to us. When you have completed the automated feedback form, don't forget to click 'submit'." (Translated into Bear Language, this consisted of urinating on some nearby trees and double-checking the new solid steel rod that holds the structure shut.)


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