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Olympian Org Chart

Need help here. Can any reader supply the organizational chart for the Greek gods of myth? Who reported to whom? TIA


Blogger Ivan the Terrible said...

Very simple. Everyone reported directly to Zeus, except Cupid, who spent all his time looking up Aphrodite's skirt. What you might call a very lean, flat structure, suitable for the sort of proactive, go-getting pantheon that the Olympians were. Which is why they kicked those stodgy Zoroastrians all over the shop...

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Blogger Desargues said...

They all reported to the fearsome Moira, or Destiny. Even the CEO of Olympus, the great fucker-around -- for instance, when she decides that his son Herakles (Hercules, for amateurs of Roman mythology) had to die. Other than that, as Ivan points out, it was your classic corporate structure, with a board of directors consisting of three (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades), each with their own proteges -- one of them, the young Ganymedes, was Z's 'favorite,' which suggests the Big Dog of the pantheon may have been somewhat bisexual (I wonder when Oliver Stone's gonna make a movie about that). Zeus had an extra vote on the board. A non-member, Hera, had the right to veto (by throwing a tantrum now and then), in virtue of being married to the largest shareholder. There were division vice-presidents, with their own retinue of underlings: Apollo had the nine muses; Hephaistos (the Roman Vulcan) had intermediate divinities running his workshop; Hermes/Mercury held sway over the centaurs, medical experts inthe ancient Greek world. And so on, and so on.

There was also a board of trustees of sorts, composed chiefly of the obsolete, older gods -- Ouranos/Sky, Khronos/Time, guys like that.

A rival corporation, the Titans, periodically attempted hostile takeovers, only to be invariably rebuffed. I guess that sums it up.

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Blogger Project WANNABE said...

Thanks for the responses! So if Zeus wanted, say, Ares to do something he would just say hop to it and Ares would say how high?

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Blogger Desargues said...

Yep; pretty much. Of course, he had to ask him nicely. The Greek pantheon was a bit like the Cosa Nostra; they all had their egos, and quaint notions of personal recognition and respek, as Ali G would say.

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