Monday, May 07, 2007

Counterpoint: Macrobiote Discovery Genuine?

Before we rush to judgement on the meaning of the remarkable images published earlier today, let's be sure that we have analyzed all the data.

The creature has been described as a 'macrobiote.' The Online Medical Dictionary defines a 'macrobiote' as "an organism that is long-lived" [1]. But what reason is there to believe that the creature is in fact long-lived? Nothing in the report appears to corroborate that claim. Experts tell us that validating a claim of extremely long life by direct observation can take months or even years [2].

So while we of course support any and all measures that may be deemed necessary by the proper authorities, we caution our readers against drawing reckless conclusions about the longevity of these gigantic beings.

Project WANNABE Literary Metacriticism Staff


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