Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Star Justice!

When dashing paralegal Gataur Minshank won a plum job at the top interstellar law firm of Liatho, Liatho, Buedra, Liatho, Sao, Liatho, Buedra, Sao, Gibbidibbi, Buedra, Liatho, Bisthoash, Bisthoach, Buedra, Sao, Liatho, Buedra, Smit, Goalia'a'a, Iizka, Miyako, Liatho, Buedra, Miyako, Goalia'a'a, Liatho, Liatho-Buedra, Buedra-Liatho, Liatho-Buedra-Liatho, Jonz and Co., young Gataur thought he had embarked on a dull but safe career. It was neither!

And soon the fate of Gataur's entire world would swing in the balance of ... Star Justice!


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