Sunday, September 03, 2006

Biker Nerds

So I saw like twenty leatherized guys on Harleys in the parking lot of the McDonalds. A little fearful of so many bikers, I started edging around the group, taking the long way toward the door and my Sausage Biscuit. That's when a little voice, maybe a sixth sense, maybe my inner Obi-Wan Kenobi, whispered to me "Luke. Those aren't bikers. They're trekkies."

It was true. The web-site T-shirts were wrong, the bowl haircuts were wrong, the coke-bottle lenses on the glasses were wrong, even the guts were shaped wrong. It was a gang of biker nerds. Emboldened, I just slung my pocket protector down low and forged right through the middle of them, while they stared at their toes.

How widespread is the Biker Nerd phenomenon? How long has it been going on, the conversion of a demographic who terrified Hunter Thompson 40 years ago into a bunch of dweebs who can't even frighten me? Is it just because a Harley costs more than a car, or is there some other reason?


Anonymous Rob said...

You do get proper Hell's Angels still, but they are outnumbered by Hell's Accountants these days. Although, as a PLC, the Angels prolly need accountants. Gotta launder all that meth money somehow.

3:01 AM  
Blogger Project WANNABE said...

Heh. Good point!

6:06 AM  

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