Friday, February 09, 2007

"Great Circle" Scam Exposed!

With oil still hovering around 60 dollars a barrel, it's time someone spoke out about the so-called "Great Circle" myth.

What's the big deal? On the map (top left), the air lane allowed for LA-Tokyo flights is highlighted in red.

This ridiculously indirect route is called a "Great Circle" for reasons that make oil company execs go "ka-ching!" You see, as the map clearly shows, the legally permitted "Great Circle" route burns (according to computer calculations performed at a top think tank) approximately 80% more fuel than just flying from LA to Tokyo in a straight line.

It's time to stand up to the juggernaut of politically-motivated 'scientists' and their 'Great Circle' mythology.


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Blogger Project WANNABE said...

yj -- Tell it, brother!

11:04 AM  

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